Review: Jennings Goes to School by Anthony Buckeridge

So This is School!

Jennings Goes to School by Anthony Buckeridge‘You’ve heard of the Wizard of Oz, of course. Well, obviously, the opposite of wizard is ozard, isn’t it?’

Jennings conceded the point.

‘That shepherd’s pie we’ve just had was supersonic muck so it’s wizard, but this school jam’s ghastly so it’s ozard. Everything ghastly is ozard; being a new chap’s pretty ozard for a bit, but you’ll get used to it when you’ve been here as long as I have.’”

Jennings Goes to School, the first of the Jennings series, was published in 1950. At this point children’s books were still wholesome and pure, staying right away from difficult issues like divorce or sexuality. The Jennings books obeyed this rule even after the revolution in children’s literature that began in the 60s and is still continuing today. They are unusual in that few school stories were written to be deliberately humorous, and indeed the boys’ school story…

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Some of the favourite books of the boys

The Jennings series books by Anthony Buckeridge go well with the boys.

Here’s the first of many school stories by the well-known author

“Jennings Goes to School”

which was first published in 1950.

Over the years many boys donated a personal copy of the Jennings series books to the school library, so that various editions are available. As you may see, not all of the books own up to library standards, as they have been read many times by hundreds of boys.

Jennings Goes to School, 1953

Cover of the 1953 edition

Jennings Goes to School - Anthony Buckeridge - Collins - 1962

Mr. Wilkins prepared to do battle with the poisonous spider.

Reading is one of the favourite pastimes for the boys in the boarding school

When the wheather is not too inviting to go outside reading is among the most beloved pstimes for a lot of boys. The school library is full of books which appeal to the boys. Each month more books are added so the even the most eager reader finds new adventure stories and other books which are suitable for boys.

We’ll show later some of the favourite stories from the school library, some of them available in different editions.




The School Library

The Camp Mystery by Elsie J. Oxenham © Girls Gone By Publishers

This book is new on the shelves of our school library.

The Camp Mystery was written by Elsie J. Oxenham and first published in 1932.

Elsie J. Oxenham (25 November 1880 – 9 January 1960) is best known for her “Abbey” series of 38 young adult novels.

This book is less well known and part of the “Abbey connectors” books, the Camp Keema series.

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