The Junior boys are working hard to get it right



When some Junior boys were asked whether they wanted add to the musical they were as excited as the others.

Now – most of them didn’t yet play an instrument, but a little piece of flute music was composed as an interlude so they can perform as well.

That will leave time to set up the new stage decorations.

Preview of “The Sound Of Music”

Finally the girls and boys were shown a trailer of the upcoming musical movie. This will help them very much in their own stage production of “The Sound Of Music”


And here we have some lobby cards ….



Christopher Plummer with the children


Julie Andrews with the children

A lot of work to do

Now everybody realises how much work has to be done. Especially the girls are excited about the costumes, but it will take a lot of time on the sewing machines.

One boy, who has relatives in Austria, will write a letter to ask whether some lederhosen could be obtained and shipped to the school. These lederhosen just can’t be found in the United Kingdom.

The musical production is on its way …

After the music department decided that the production of “The Sound of Music” is too large for one school alone, it was decided to involve other schools in the area as well.

They have many very talented musicians who are eager to take part in this fantastic project.

More schools taking part

These boys are already practicing the music which will accompany the new musical. As you can see it’s not the usual guitars, bass and drums band we are looking for, but rather a fine orchestra.

Here you can take a look at the brass and woodwind sections. There are trombones, trumpets, clarinets and English horn players which will provide a rich sound.

Very suitable for a production which after all is about The Sound of Music

rTrombone and English horn


tumblr_mtbgi6p9HJ1sgf67qo5_1280Clarinet and trumpet

tumblr_mtbgi6p9HJ1sgf67qo6_500English horn

A New Musical Production

The Sound of Music

The music department is planning a musical production of “The Sound Of Music”

They got hold of this record and were delighted.

sound of music

A lot of preparations will be necessary. The sheets must be obtained, the crew has to be casted, the band has to begin to rehearse.

Oh, so many different things wait for the girls and boys. What about the costumes, what about the stage? Everybody is exited.

All kinds of groups will be needed to make this production a success …