School’s off!

Very interesting article about wearing school uniform shorts in winter – then and now


1954_snow_boysI don’t really recall many of the snowy winters we had when I was a boy, well apart from the big freeze of 1963 when I was fourteen which was more cold than snowy, but I guess there must have been many winters that had snow in the 1950s and early 60s. On my flickr site I have a photograph of me in the 1950s taken in the snow in which I’m wearing short trousers and wellington boots, which has been very popular logging nearly 3,400 views to date.

Wearing short trousers in the extremes of winter was not odd or unusual, that’s what boys wore in that era, we defended the wearing of shorts with some pride and indeed, any boy whose mother put him in long trousers simply because it was cold was ridiculed and branded a cissy or a “Mummy’s boy”. In retrospect, I suspect this derision…

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